Video: Highlights From Our ‘State Of Gadget Media’ Event In NYC


Credit: Twitpic / Rafat Ali

Are gadget fans really all men? Nick Denton thinks so –saying, about the Gizmodo reader that, yes, “it’s a guy.” But not everyone at our recent State of Gadget Media event in NYC agreed that the gadget world skews so heavily male. Robin Liss, president and CEO of, said some of the best editors in the business are women gadget geeks, and Christopher Andrew, VP and group director of Media and Social Media at Digitas, talked about the massive purchasing power that women have with technology– and said content sites and marketers would be foolish to ignore that demographic. Watch the discussion here.

After the jump, there’s also video from the event of the conversation about a) the challenge of trying to write about Apple (NSDQ: AAPL), and b) the Gizmodo-iPhone saga. The full video of the gadget event is here.

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