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Everything Everywhere – The Crazy New Name For Orange, T-Mobile UK

How lacking in focus does your business have to be to call itself “Everything Everywhere”? That’s what the UK divisions of T-Mobile and Orange are calling their newly-merged joint venture backend.

The pair couldn’t come up with a good name to unite the carriers on the consumer end – they will continue to operate to customers under their original monikers. Instead, the worst of the names is reserved for the parent company of the 16,500-employee, 30 million-customer group.

Says Everything Everywhere’s CEO Tom Alexander, who was Orange UK CEO, in the announcement:

5 Responses to “Everything Everywhere – The Crazy New Name For Orange, T-Mobile UK”

  1. Well if the name “everything everywhere” is coming into existence then, there is a lot of catching up. I work for DISH Network and TV Everywhere is where it’s at right now. I can go anywhere and watch my TV. I went down to Mexico last month and no problem watching my own TV and everything that I subscribe to. This is something that I recommend to everyone especially when you’re on the run.

  2. orangeemployee

    I work for Orange..expected to hear this amazing new name…i am bitterly disappointed!! Orange was a rather quirky brand…everything everywhere?? Sounds very uninteresting and a little bit dull. not impressed!

  3. mattbenfield

    They must have gotten branding advice from those hacks at Comcast — I mean…TV Everywhere? Or Xfinity? Or Fancast? Ugh I’m confused.