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Consumer Reports Introduces Paid Mobile Service

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Consumer Reports online has long relied on the paid content format, way before it came back into fashion. It has taken its time on the mobile end, but this week, it’s released a two-tiered subscription platform on top of what was just a wap version of its PC-based offering. The new service is free to the roughly 3.2 million subs who paid the $26 annual fee (or at least the $5.95 single month charge). Non-subs can sign up for 24-hour or 30-day access for $.99 and $4.99 respectively, which will be charged to their wireless bill.

The release of the new mobile platform should assuage users of the free CR app on the iPhone. A number of users who gave the app one or two stars complained that there was no way to search for products — something that tended to cause particular consternation among those who tried to use the app while trying to make a purchase in a store.

The CR mobile service includes all the usual categories of the main site including cars, appliances, electronics, home & garden and kids. through any mobile device with Web access. Users can access Ratings, reviews, video (via iPhone and Android phones), product comparisons, poll results, buying advice, user reviews, brand reliability information, the latest news, and blog posts. In addition, users can also sign up to get product safety and recall alerts via text messages.

One Response to “Consumer Reports Introduces Paid Mobile Service”

  1. Contador Wanarua

    I laud CRI move as its the only way to ensure the business remains afloat.No way out for such companies.Many will follow suit soon.