Gain More Control Over Your Tabs Using Tabberwocky


Tired of accidentally closing tabs, or just wish that you had more control over the way that tabs work in your browser? There are a number of extensions you can use to enhance Firefox’s built-in tab management features, but my favorite is the delightfully named Tabberwocky. It’s a lightweight (just 25KB) add-on that makes Firefox’s tab behavior much more customizable. It lets you protect tabs so that you can’t accidentally close them, choose to open tabs to the right of the current tab, choose to open links in foreground or background tabs, open bookmarks and history in new tabs, highlight unread tabs, show a progress bar on each tab instead of in the status bar, enable multiple rows of tabs — and lots more besides.

You can see the wealth of options available through the extension by taking a quick peek at its Preferences screen:

Even though there are quite a lot of options available, it’s clear what they all do, so tweaking the browser’s tab behavior to suit your preferences should be fairly straightforward. If there’s one thing that I’d like to see in Tabberwocky, though, it’s a way to change the way that unread tabs are highlighted though the Preferences screen. The way that it makes the tab text red and italicized is way too distracting for my liking (see the screenshot here), so I currently have that potentially useful feature switched off.

A couple of alternatives to Tabberwocky are Tab Mix Plus and Tab Kit. They’re both more complicated than Tabberwocky — and consequently take more time to figure out and take a heavier toll on your computer’s resources — but may be worth checking out if you need maximum control over the tabbing features of your browser.

Tell us about your favorite extensions below.

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Leslie A. Joy

I’ve found that so many of the tab issues I’ve had with Firefox were easily fix by switching over to Chrome. I highly recommend it.

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