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Sprint Follows Verizon’s Lead And Says It Won’t Offer The Nexus One

Google’s Nexus One has lost its second major partner in less than a month, with Sprint (NYSE: S) saying it won’t offer the phone to its subscribers. Sprint had said back in March that a version of the Nexus One would “soon” be available for its network. But the company now tells Gizmodo it won’t go ahead because of the forthcoming launch of the Evo 4G, which also runs Android.

That’s similar to the excuse Verizon made, when it said last month it wouldn’t offer the Nexus One to its subscribers, citing the impending launch of the Droid Incredible. The decisions by both carriers to pass over the Nexus One put into question whether Google (NSDQ: GOOG) can be successful at selling phones directly to consumers online — a model the company was trying to trailblaze with the Nexus One. The abandonment of Verizon and Sprint leave the Nexus One with two partners in the U.S. — T-Mobile and AT&T.