Indie Blog Publisher Hybrid News Mulls New Launches After Investment

The independent publishing startup behind regional blog aggregator is considering launching in other verticals, after securing angel investment money for near-term expansion.

We wrote about Hybrid News, an online publisher set up by James Craven after he left Bristol-based business magazine publisher GDS International, last October. Its first site,, takes first-run articles from 37 of the most popular bloggers in South-East Asia against which to sell ads.

Craven told me the site had sold $251,000 in ads during Q1 and is now up to $296,000. “It’s mildly profitable on a month-by-month basis. We’re trying to make a push in green living and personal investment.”

To get there, Craven will need to add more writers, on the same kind of arrangement as – bloggers must give the site first-run rights, but can then continue to self-publish and syndicate or sell their material elsewhere.

The angel, sealed in the last month, is a minority investor, but Craven didn’t add further details. “We are in discussions with other people and are considering whether we need more money to pursue our goals aggressively, and I think we probably do.” so far claims rich-media ad placements from clients including universities, who target overseas students, and from Quark, Bupa and the tourism agency, targeting an audience of 23-35 Asian urbanites.


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