AT&T’s iPhone Exclusive Ends In 2012 — Or Maybe Not


Credit: AP Photos

Engadget has discovered that AT&T’s initial contract with Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) indeed gave the carrier exclusive dibs on the iPhone for five years beginning in 2007.

The long, sought-after nugget of information was buried deep in an ongoing California class-action lawsuit that claims that Apple and AT&T (NYSE: T) illegally created a monopoly by telling customers the iPhone’s required service contract was two years long when the deal was actually for five years. That’s because the deal technically would prevent customers from ditching AT&T and using their iPhone on a competing network, like T-Mobile USA.

The big caveat here is that no one can be certain that the contract hasn’t been amended to date. So, does AT&T’s iPhone exclusive last until 2012? Sorry folks, that answer is still unknown.



Probably one of the best kept tech-secret yet, however to think that for all these years potential consumers/costumers have been lead on… it somehow makes me wonder if that is a smart business practice?


anyone not under contract can easily go to T-Moble and get a new phone

this wasn’t secret information, the very first iPhone press conference said 5 years with AT&T

another non-story on moconews :)


oh and iphonePhag is dumb and should wither away with her cool Samsung or Nokia dumbphone


The contract was restructured if anyone remembers when they decided to change the amount apple gets paid and how they get paid for each subsidy back to normal industry standards. I would not be surprised if Apple amended the contract period term as part of the contract change of payment terms.


Hopefully so. Cus then that leaves the door open for all the awesome phones on other networks to thrive and iphones to wither and die due to less people wanting to switch to ATT. Stupid iSheep flocking to ATT. It’s ok though that the iphone is getting so popular, it just shows who the wanna be cool kids are, or who is too dumb to realize their freedom is at stake. Jobs is the anti-christ.

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