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After Lewis’ Exit, Where For Telegraph’s Digital Strategy?

By Jane Martinson and Roy Greenslade: The irony escaped no one. The day before many MPs were packing their bags as a result of the expenses scandal, the man credited with revealing their shortcomings was standing down too.

As is so often the case, the exact circumstances of Will Lewis’s resignation from his post as the Telegraph Media Group’s editor-in-chief are disputed, despite both sides being at pains to lavish praise on each other. What is clear is that Lewis left abruptly after a meeting with TMG’s chief executive, Murdoch MacLennan, last Wednesday afternoon.

Even after the turmoil of the first few years of the Barclays’ ownership, which has seen major editorial comings and goings, staff at TMG’s London HQ in Victoria were said to be “shellshocked”. Just a few weeks ago, Lewis accepted the accolade of newspaper of the year for the Daily Telegraph after a string of other British Press awards had been heaped on the paper, including the top prize of journalist of the year. How could he have been let go in such circumstances?

In some ways, the seeds of his departure were sown when Lewis moved from Victoria to Euston five months ago to oversee his own initiative, a digital business. Although he remained the editor-in-chief, Lewis’s presence at Victoria became increasingly infrequent as he focused on finding new ways to replace revenues lost from the core print business. In terms of the commercial plight facing all newspapers, the idea made sense, even if its detailed plans remained somewhat unclear. All media groups

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One Response to “After Lewis’ Exit, Where For Telegraph’s Digital Strategy?”

  1. I recently met with Torstar Digital in Canada – they have had a separate digital unit since ’05 and the papers don’t sit in it. Does things like a Canadian ad network, automotive classifieds, CMS for newspapers (including their own).

    I had real hope that Telegraph was going to make a similar transition. Let’s wait and see.