5 Questions With…TubeMogul’s Brett Wilson

Issues regarding analytics have come up in at least one of our recent Five Questions With… features, so for this week we reached out to one of the experts on the topic. TubeMogul Co-founder and CEO Brett Wilson leads the strategic direction for the analytics company, and has one of the better bios I’ve ever seen: According to the official site, Wilson “is undefeated at Risk, is the reigning Foosball champion at TubeMogul and an aspiring windsurfer and sailor.” He also might be a secret Justin Bieber fan. Or is he? The answers lie below.

1. What’s the one big issue/law/attitude/restriction that you think is holding back the industry?

Lack of education. Advertisers want to quantify how much video advertising is increasing sales. To that end, we will be releasing a joint study soon with DynamicLogic using our video viewership and engagement data with their survey and offline data. We were able to quantify purchase intent for people that watched video ads. The study hasn’t been published yet, but I can tell you that the number is impressive, and is growing each quarter.

2. What industry buzzword do you never want to hear again?

There are a few buzzwords that irk me. First is “viral video.” A viral video is a rare and beautiful thing, but we know that only about .33 percent of videos on YouTube have over a million views, and there are a lot that are effective that have far fewer views (53 percent of videos on YouTube have less than 500 views). People throw around this term carelessly to describe any video made for the web. Let’s just use the term web video. I was cheering when Rob Davis from Ogilvy said the same thing on stage this week at the Brightcove Video Monetization Summit in NY.

If I had to pick a runner-up, it would be “views.” Along with Jim Louderback of Revision3 — who’s been outspoken on the subject — we think that time-watched and completion rates are much more robust metrics.

3. If someone gave you 50 million to invest in a company in this space, which one would it be? (Mentioning your own doesn’t count.)

Easy: Facebook. Facebook has become the Internet within the Internet as people spend more time using social games and apps. Farmville alone has over 80mm monthly users — think about what the numbers will look like when there are good games. And Facebook is nailing the monetization of these users with their ad and virtual currency platforms.

Stay tuned for research comparing Facebook video viewing to other mediums.

4. What was the last video (which you weren’t personally involved with) that you liked enough to spread to others?

Justin Bieber‘s Baby. Haha, just kidding. Seriously, I’m a political junkie and recently forwarded the following videos to my dad:

Awesome Daily Show video on John McCain no longer being a maverick

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
Say Anything
Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Tea Party

And Charlie Crist’s Fan, Revealed!

5. WILD-CARD: You recently ventured into the advertising space — do you see that as a potential conflict of interest, considering your position as an analytics company?

Absolutely not. TubeMogul has always been about both distribution and analytics.Remember that 175,000 content creators already use our free OneLoad service to distribute and track their videos among video and social networking sites. So adding a paid media distribution component for advertisers was natural. Our PlayTime video ad platform utilizes data (anonymously and in aggregate) to get advertiser’s videos watched and watched longer by the right audiences. You can think of TubeMogul as a 21st century analytics company — we still provide traditional campaign analytics, but we also use data in real-time to help inform decisions.

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