Earth2Tech Week in Review


Honeywell Goes Open Source, Grabs Akuacom: Building automation giant Honeywell has acquired demand response player Akuacom, which sells technology based on Open Automated Demand Response (OpenADR), the Berkeley Labs open source system for automating the way utilities do demand response. The smart grid moves closer to open source.

Infographic: Timeline of Google’s Energy Projects: Given all of Google’s energy projects over the past three years, I thought it’d be helpful to create a timeline of events for when Google has launched a clean power or energy efficiency project.

Tesla’s Next Steps to the Model S and a Successful IPO: Regulatory filings indicate Tesla may come in just under the wire to meet its 2012 production and delivery goals for the Model S. In the meantime, the electric car startup has moved to boost the price per share for its IPO

Coda on Profits, Utility Deals, & Why It’s Not Worried About BYD: Coda Automotive’s CFO doesn’t see Nissan or BYD presenting much of a threat as the Coda Sedan rolls out, despite lower prices for their electric cars. He’s skeptical about the Nissan LEAF’s range and how quickly BYD will complete U.S. safety testing.

Wheego Eyes $5M on Home Stretch to Full-Speed Electric Car: Wheego, headed up by former EarthLink President Mike McQuary, plans to start selling its first highway-capable electric car by mid-summer. Today Wheego has filed paperwork to raise $5 million in hopes of making a final dash to production.

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