OK Good Stuff Offers A DIGGnation-esqe POV on Web Video

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[show=okgoodstuff size=large]As the web video world gets bigger and bigger, the opportunities for those interested in commenting on it grow. And that’s growing beyond us humble blog outlets and into the video world, first with The Web Files, and now followed by Maybe Hip’s OK Good Stuff.

When OK Good Stuff originally launched in December 2009, hosts Robby Silver and Patrick Lothian would discuss all sorts of media, including web video but also films and television. But last month, the series officially decided to refocus on exclusively web content — “A web TV show for web TV shows,” goes the new branding.

Via email, Silver said that the decision came as a direct result of both this year’s Streamys and the follow-up Celebrate the Web event. “Watching both those events made us realize how much promise there is in this industry,” Silver said, “But how much work we have to do at the same time to help web television gain the respect (and ultimately dollars) that it deserves!”

A distinctly DIGGnation-esque take on the web video world — right down to the beer-drinking on screen — Silver and Lothian spend each week discussing two different news updates while also spotlighting a series. The greenscreened graphics aren’t bad but could be more polished, but overall the production looks pretty good and the topics they’ve chosen to discuss in these first two weeks — the rise of the iPad, Lisa Kudrow’s Web Therapy getting a Showtime deal — are well-picked.

Right now, the biggest way in which OK Good Stuff could improve is by going easier on the “just two dudes” schtick. Not that Lothian and Silver aren’t fun on-camera personalities (though at this point they don’t really stand out as individuals), but at times it gives their commentary the air of amateur. Watching them giggle in their first rebranded episode over not being able to correctly pronounce the name of a cast member of the show Remember When is only so amusing, for example, especially since they don’t have the DIGGnation excuse of being a live broadcast. At this stage, building up their credibility ought to be a priority, so that old fogies of this community — yes, like me — don’t roll their eyes in frustration.

But that said, they do get points for name-checking NewTeeVee (always an easy way to get my respect), their enthusiasm for the medium is palatable, and most importantly they look like they’re having a lot of fun talking about web video. That kind of energy should be able to power many episodes to come.

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