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Ford Expecting Thousands of Sync Applications One Day

Ford’s (s F) product and business development manager for Connected Services, Edward Pleet, told us at our Green:Net event last week that in terms of its Sync connected platform, “the sky is the limit,” and “there’s an added need for this connectivity with electric vehicles.” Expect thousands of applications, providing various services to Ford customers, to be available someday — similar to the kind of applications available over Apple’s (s AAPL) platform, said Pleet.

2 Responses to “Ford Expecting Thousands of Sync Applications One Day”

  1. TechEd79

    I will NOT be holding my breath for thousands of Sync Apps. I have owned a few Fords, currently F-150, with Sync. In my opinion, it has not delivered on the hype. Too many features are blocked out while driving. Hey Ford and Microsoft, did you ever think that a front seat passenger can manipulate the screen while the driver drives responsibly? Having to stop to input a new navigation destination by address is ridiculous.
    Also, the user interface and features for navigating and controlling music playback are terrible. There is no way to scroll through tracks; you have to hold down the FFWD or FRWD button. Try doing that with a 4 hour long podcast you started listening to the other day and wish to finish. You will be at your destination before your tired finger has advanced the track to the 2 hour mark. Having to cut up podcasts into 5 minute files should not be necessary. If I am totally wrong about this missing feature, or there is a workaround that does not involve manipulating the MP3 file, I really would like to know.