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Counting Words in Chrome

While word processing software mostly comes with word counting functionality built in, the same can’t be said of browsers — and having to copy and paste text from a browser to a word processor just to get a word count is annoying. So I was happy to stumble across Word Count by developer Bhagwad Jal Park. It’s a simple little Chrome (s goog) extension that lets you highlight some text on a web page, then click a toolbar button to get the number of words and characters in that selection.

If you work with words like I do, you’ll find it to be a useful little tool. However, it doesn’t work on text within form fields, so it can’t count text you’re entering in Google Docs, for example, or a blog post you’re working on — although Google Docs and many blog editors have word counting tools built in, anyway.

Note: A similar extension for Firefox, which actually has more functionality, is Word Count Plus. Unfortunately, it looks like that add-on is no longer being developed, which means that it’s not compatible with the latest versions of Firefox.

What little-known but useful extensions do you use to make you life a little easier?

3 Responses to “Counting Words in Chrome”

  1. Two of my favourite Firefox add-ons are “Findbar Basics” and “QuickDrag”. With Findbar Basics, you can toggle the Find bar on and off with a keystroke. QuickDrag allows you to highlight and drag text to instantly do a Google search with the selected text. I’ve used both as nice time savers for years.