The Hybrid Tablet Lives With Clamcase

Clamcase thumb

The Clamcase is innovative if nothing else, and straddles the line between “super cool” and “just get a netbook.” It’s supposed to appear later this year, and the Clamcase is essentially a Bluetooth keyboard turned into a case/stand for the iPad. The photos and video show it to work in either slate or notebook mode as desired, but I suspect the weight of the Clamcase will play a big role determining how useful it really is.

There’s no word on pricing either, but from the looks of the Clamcase it’s a safe bet it won’t be cheap. It’s a cool revival of the hybrid tablet we haven’t seen since the HP tc1100 days. There is something patently useful with a screen that can be detached from the keyboard for use as a slate.

(MacRumors via GottaBeMobile)

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