Newsweek’s Jon Meacham To Jon Stewart: ‘Time To Flip’ Emphasis To Digital


Credit: Daily Show

In the department-of-good-timing department: Newsweek Editor Jon Meacham was already scheduled to be on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart the day plans to sell the magazine were announced. That gave Meacham, who told staffers vaguely Wednesday that he was considering putting a bid together, a chance to pitch Newsweek to prospective backers. One moment getting a fair amount of “ya think?” response on Twitter during the show: Meacham’s admission that it’s “probably time to flip” focus from creating print that goes to digital — and focus on digital first. (That might help explain why Newsweek is failing when it comes to digital revenue.) The video is embedded below in two parts:

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I’m not sure that Jonny boy is the one to deride.. Newsweek is the one getting sold.


Thank You, Jon Stewart for always being so timely (you must be tuned into a higher source, as well) & so well informed about current topics. You engage your guests masterfully & never back down from your own’s such fun getting the news from you, Stewart -Style.

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