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FCC’s Genachowski Tries To Carve A ‘Third Way’ For Regulating ISPs

Caught between a previous regime’s decision on how to define broadband and a recent federal court decision that the Federal Communications Commission didn’t have the authority to regulate so-called net neutrality, Julius Genachowski is trying for a “third way.” The plan, outlined today in an 8-page document embedded below, tries for a bridge between the lighter “consensus” approach and “extreme” alternatives, all built around a central notion that the FCC

2 Responses to “FCC’s Genachowski Tries To Carve A ‘Third Way’ For Regulating ISPs”

  1. Chris Wood

    The carriers and cable companies caught a huge break with that recent appeals court ruling. They can afford to give a little ground. Anyway, I’m sure they can get a lot of mileage out of the ominous-sounding “reasonable network management” allowance.

  2. Eliot Spitzer

    Juilus forgot to include protecting old people and children and their pets as the rest of his justification.

    If you build it, we will regulate it seems to be this administration’s view of how business should work.

    Invest the capital, wait years for any returns and then screw the carriers and cable companies when Google and Amazon make campaign contributions.