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Rogers Recalls MiFi 2372, Too

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We told you about the Bell Mobility recall of the Novatel (s nvtl) MiFi 2372 due to the potential for batteries swelling and causing serious problems. We just received an email from Rogers asking us to share that it too, is recalling the MiFi 2372 for the same reason:

“As you know, in some cases the battery for the Novatel Wireless MiFi™ 2372 (Rogers Rocket™ mobile hotspot) may swell and cause the device to malfunction. In addition, some users have found the device’s battery cover to be difficult to remove. There is the possibility of additional damage to the battery and the device if a customer were to use a foreign object to pry the battery cover open.

“As a precaution, Rogers is contacting its customers to recommend that customers stop using this device, to turn the device off, and to not recharge the device. We also recommend that customers not attempt to remove the battery cover.

“Novatel will be providing Rocket™ mobile hotspot customers with a pre-addressed, pre-paid envelope so that Novatel can replace the battery and the battery cover. Novatel estimates that the replacement device will be returned to customers within 7-10 business days of its receipt of the returned device.

“Impacted Rogers customers will be provided with a credit for the inconvenience of not having use of their Rocket™ mobile hotspot device. If a customer has a question, they can call 1-866-511-5311.”

If you’re a Rogers customer with a MiFi it sounds like you’d better get in touch with them right away to get your MiFi situation remedied.

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14 Responses to “Rogers Recalls MiFi 2372, Too”

  1. Not a shill for Rogers. Was honestly pleased with the fast turnaround on my recall. Was expecting to be down a couple weeks but the turnaround was five days. On the downside I’m not quite sure I’m happy with the battery life now.

  2. Marie

    Hey I must say ROGERS is doing a good job with this RECALL BATTERY . My friend is with bell and they had her on hold for more than 25 min.. WOW.. And ROGERS REP CAME ON THE LINE IN A JIFFY she was friendly polite and was a great help…Usually when I call Rogers they have me on a long hold but THIS WAS GREAT…They don’t have a automated voice THANK YOU ROGERS.

  3. Marie

    Hey I must say ROGERS is doing a good job with this RECALL BATTERY . My friend is with bell and they had her on hold for more than 25 min.. WOW.. And ROGERS REP CAME ON THE LINE IN A JIFFY she was friendly polite and was a great help…Usually when I call Rogers they have me on a long hold but THIS WAS GREAT…They dont have a automated voice THANK YOU ROGERS.

  4. Jason

    Not bad I got a Call from ROGERS that the device had some BATTERY PROBLEMS , good thing they called did not expect this from rogers… Well I am glad the Rep called and was helpful…Good Job ROGERS…..A+ for the information.


    GOOD Job AT LEAST ROGERS sent me an SMS and I called the number provided and they very helpful…For once Rogers is not so bad.

  6. Hi James,

    This is Kevin Thornton with the Novatel Wireless team, below is the official statement from Novatel Wireless regarding the Bell MiFi 2372:

    Novatel Wireless’ top priorities are to serve our customers and end-consumers and to provide for the safe use of our products. There have been two incidents of battery overheating issues reported from Bell and Virgin Mobile Canada. While we can’t comment on specific consumer incidents, it has been reported that some customers have had difficulties opening the battery door, possibly due to a swollen battery, thus utilizing sharp objects or excessive force to open it. While doing this, customers can inadvertently puncture the battery when trying to remove it and this can cause the battery to overheat. To reduce the probability of user-induced damage to the battery, we have redesigned the battery door to make it easier to open.

Any product or battery issue is considered a matter of utmost importance for Novatel Wireless. As a preventive measure, the Company is conducting an exchange program for Bell and Virgin Mobile Canada customers to replace the MiFi 2372 battery and battery door. As a proactive measure, we have been shipping all new MiFi 2352 units with the new battery door.

The MiFi 2200 — addressing the CDMA market — represents the vast majority of the MiFi units sold to date.  The MiFi 2200 has different design features and components; hence, it is not affected.

  7. Alain (borax99)

    There’s a difference between outreach and spam. With all due respect to the Prophet (PBUH), this is not the right venue !!!

  8. Alain (borax99)

    The toll-free number was very useful. No wait time, a human picked up the line almost immediately. First order of business was verifying whether I was a bona fide Rogers customer with a MiFi. Once that was done, things started to go south. I was asked to turn off the Mifi, leave it off, then pop it into the special envelope that is on its way to my home. “Okay,” I said, this is great, and I don’t mind waiting for 7-10 days; I’ll just pop the SIM card into this nifty little RocketStick you guys originally sold me.” No, that wasn’t what they wanted. The lady asked me to pop the MiFi, SIM and all into the special envelope, then wait for 7-10 days to get the internet back !

    Uh, no, not when I have a perfectly good USB modem lying around ….

    But, when the smoke (between my ears) settled, the jist of the conversation was, Rogers covered their behind by providing the necessary warnings, and an envelope will be on its way.

    So a solid A- for the phone service. Quick response, useful information – but I wish they didn’t feel obligated to ask us benighted users to give up our SIMs.

    The lady confirmed that there would be a credit on the account, by the way.

    JK, looks like you scooped everyone with this useful information. As always, thanks for posting !

  9. Alain (borax99)

    That’s a pretty neat turnaround, considering yesterday the Rogers rep knew nothing about any recall, and Novatel advised me late yesterday that they were “working on” a recall with Rogers.