Queue No More: Roku Gets a Netflix Update

Roku owners will soon be able to browse Netflix’s (s NFLX) entire Watch Instantly catalog and search for titles through an entirely new interface, the company just announced. Watch the promo video embedded below the jump for a first demo. A company spokesperson told us that Roku boxes will automatically update to the new interface in June.

Up until now, Roku users have been restricted to viewing titles in their Watch Instantly queue, which they had to update through the Netflix website. The new UI still keeps the queue as an easy way to browse videos, and actually adds a feature to manage your queue directly on the set-top box — but you don’t even have to use the queue at all anymore if you just want to browse the entire catalog.

Roku’s new interface in many ways delivers features that have already been available on game consoles and the Netflix iPad (s AAPL) app. However, the company has addressed one issue available on other platforms: Customers have in the past complained that there is no parental control built into the service.

A Netflix spokesperson previously told us that Netflix doesn’t support such a feature for any of the platforms featuring Watch Instantly clients. But Roku now says that its users will be able to disable browse and search and essentially revert back to the queue-only model if they’re afraid that their offspring may stumble across inappropriate content.

Picture courtesy (CC-BY-SA) of Flickr user Maldita la hora.

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