More 4G in More Places, Says Clearwire

Clearwire (s clwr) ahead of the release of its first-quarter financial results this afternoon announced the addition of 15 cities to which it will roll out its WiMAX 4G network this summer. Clearwire had already indicated that it would roll out service in Kansas City, Kan.; St. Louis and Salt Lake City.

Today it added Nashville, Tenn.; Daytona, Orlando and Tampa, Fla.; Rochester and Syracuse, N.Y.; Merced, Modesto, Stockton and Visalia, Calif.; Wilmington, Del.; Grand Rapids, Mich.; Eugene, Ore.; and Yakima and Tri-Cities, Wash. to the list as it races to provide service ahead of the competing 4G networks (which will use the Long Term Evolution standard instead of WiMAX) coming from Verizon (s VZ) and Metro PCS (s PCS) later this year. Clearwire has said it will cover 120 million people by the end of this year, and is spending more than $3 billion to roll out networks as fast as possible. With Sprint (s S) and its cable partners, the company is reaching millions of consumers and trying to sell them on the benefits of faster wireless broadband.

With the release of Clearwire’s latest financial results, we’ll get a sense of how well consumers are responding in markets like Austin, Philadelphia and Seattle, where Clearwire has already rolled out networks. It’s making a big bet, and within the next few quarters, we’re going to see if it has paid off.

Image courtesy of Flickr user omniNate