Microsoft’s Kin Priced Too High For Target Market


Microsoft’s Kin, the next generation of Danger’s Sidekick, will cost as little as $50 to buy, but the service plan is what will get you: Voice and data plans with Verizon Wireless start at $70 a month.

The phone, which is aimed at the highly social teenage market, will be available on Verizon Wireless starting online Thursday and in stores on May 13. In April when the phones were first announced, we argued the platform was missing a lot of key elements that are popular today. There are no apps and no games, and there



Let’s see, no apps, no games, no instant message, no calendar all for a monthly fee 2.3 times the amount of an iPhone data plan. Glad I’m not in charge of marketing this thing. Must be one hell of a slick interface. Either that or the development team from microsoft and Verizon have been developing this unit on a desert island far far away.

Kip Kniskern -

A Zune Pass subscription is required to be able to use the Zune features, it isn’t bundled (or free, it’s $15/mo). From the Microsoft press release:
“With a Zune Pass subscription and Zune software on your PC, you can listen to millions of songs from Zune Marketplace”
Now if you already had a Zune Pass, you wouldn’t need another one, but this brings the whole bundle up to $85/mo (and that’s with the cheapest Verizon voice plan)


They’ve gotta charge a mega-data fee for KIN, because KIN will be using up huge amounts of data.

Every photo you take gets uploaded. What if you take 100 or 200 photos. Up they go, in full 5-8 megapixel resolution, using up massive amounts of data.

The KIN is really a bad idea for that reason. You’re better to buy a regular feature phone, which at least gives you access to Java software applications.

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