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ZumoDrive Improves for Android, webOS, and iPhone

Just yesterday, Mint for Android gained parity with its iPhone (s aapl) software counterpart and today it’s ZumoDrive, the cloud service for storing and syncing files across multiple devices. And the ZumoDrive improvements don’t apply to Android (s goog) only — the webOS (s palm) and iPhone versions gain a few new tricks as well. Most impressive to me is the speed at which the Android and webOS versions gained the same functions as the iPhone version since the initial ZumoDrive software for those platforms just launched in March.

I nabbed an early build for Android very late last night, so I haven’t had too much hands-on time yet. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect:

  • Ability to upload pictures & videos on iPhone, Android, Palm devices
  • Ability to download files to iPhone, Android, Palm devices
  • Ability to share content directly from iPhone, Android, Palm devices
  • Improved media streaming on Android and Palm devices
  • Password protection to lock the iPhone app

I easily uploaded a picture to my ZumoDrive account in the cloud from the existing photo library of my Google Nexus One. And of course, since I’m constantly listening to music, I fired up the music streaming feature. I already have a few MP3 albums stored on ZumoDrive and I’ve used this function in the past. This time around, the music began playing noticeably faster than I recall. I also saw a way to upload files from anywhere on my phone’s SD card, but found that it required another free app — a type of file explorer — and I simply didn’t have time to grab that software. I’ll do that later today though because I want the ability to move any file of my choosing from my handset to the cloud.

The ZumoDrive software is freely available in the app stores for each respective phone, but of course, you’ll need a ZumoDrive account to make the mobile magic work. ZumoDrive plans start at $2.99 per month for 10 GB of storage, but a free 1 GB is available for all. I highly recommend considering ZumoDrive — or another similar service if you prefer — for mobile file synchronization between the web, computer and smartphone. This type of functionality is priceless when you’re on the run.

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4 Responses to “ZumoDrive Improves for Android, webOS, and iPhone”

  1. I’ve been using Dropbox for a few years. We finally got the Android app the other day. They both seem to do the same thing although ZumoDrive seems to have a bit better pricing model with the $2.99 option.