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Steve Wozniak: The Mac vs. PC War Is Over

Apple (s aapl) co-founder Steve Wozniak says in this clip from a Fox Business interview that the company has sold more than a million iPads because the product is so well-engineered and designed, and that consumers have developed a trust in Apple products that goes beyond the company’s traditional fan base. People don’t have to be caught in the Apple vs. PC paradigm any more, says Woz, because “we’ve broken free of that.” The Apple icon appeared with David Flynn, the new CEO of solid-state storage company Fusion IO, which Wozniak joined as chief scientist last year. The Apple co-founder also jokes that things must be picking up in Silicon Valley because traffic has gotten a lot worse.

35 Responses to “Steve Wozniak: The Mac vs. PC War Is Over”

  1. yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Yeah another stupid MAC/PC debate.

    I’ll just rant about some technical stuff concerning the operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and *BSD, applications are not my top priority right now so please people don’t compare apples with oranges and pears:

    Windows 7 sucks, like every Windows had sucked over the years, don’t you just get bored after using it from 3.1 and for more than 15 years?? to have a Perfect Windows (7) system you have to have the super CPU, the super GPU, 64GB DDR3 RAM, a 512GB SSD, a good paid Anti-virus (because MSE can’t do every job altogether), and download (and crack if necessary) every fucking 3rd party app you need to customize your computer to your needs, in case you disagree with the kind of bloatware the OEMs have to offer for you, to make it work just like you wish to, perfectly, and yeah because it consumes 20GB of useless disk space when you have a fresh install and NO PDF READER??? but a bunch of stupid little games??? consuming at least 1GB DDR3 RAM with the Aero lit on?? Internet Exploiter consuming all the freaking RAM when I open lots of tabs and then closing then again until only remains ONE?? give me a break!!! Windows should be the gaming machine, and I’m surprised that still many industrial applications are made for Windows only or Windows like the first priority. For industrial and life-critical work it just sucks. Windows server with no CygWin for a network sucks even more.

    The “optimal” Windows 7, Ultimate, which can be close to the “perfect” windows system (with all of the care taken like i wrote above) is a prohibitively expensive operating system (200 USD anyone) compared to a regular release of mac OS which sometimes cost up to 60 USD, and of course, Linux and BSD, where most of their distributions are free.

    Linux is one of the best operating systems I’ve ever used in my life, just technically talking about the OS itself, not about the applications, it’s a really good operating system to be free (Ubuntu is starting to suck, so I recommend Linux Mint, BTW).

    An Operating System with the Linux kernel it’s really stable and secure, can automatically detect and load a driver for general hardware and some exotic hardware and save you LOTS of configuration time with some package management software like apt, yum… of course there are some rootkits and malware for linux, but the way it works and the steep development made into it makes it a good choice for industrial, scientific and life-critical systems.

    The actual downside with Linux and why it still does not make fit with many home users, it’s because of the nature it was made at the beginning of it’s history, because Microsoft is an oligarchic monopoly, and of course when you are out of luck and need to configure something manually (command line) can be sometimes a real PITA if something does not work out like you wish, e.g. some really exotic hardware or some other random configuration you need. Nothing is totally free of course, albeit you can spare some time to do the exact stuff you need with the exact tools, and unlike windows and mac, you can have an all-purpose and specific-purpose FREE operating system if you wish, you can install multiple desktop environments, apart from the general purpose ones (GNOME, KDE) you can install some optimized for netbooks and old hardware (xfce, lxde, openbox, fluxbox).

    Snow Leopard sucks too, it actually feels like a feature creep compared to leopard and tiger, a bit slower… but overall, is still a really sleek and resource efficient operating system, It also has it’s own malware and rootkits though and be appreciated, but is not as insecure as some people may think, anyway just in case I use a 3rd party firewall software. Remember that mac OSX is a blend of NeXtep and FreeBSD, so overall is technically a bit more solid than what windows is from it’s roots and Microsoft had to do all that duct-taping and make people spend 20GB of space to make a Windows 7 somehow a bit more robust.

    The problem with MAC OSX is the same as with Windows when you get a fresh install, sometimes you have to look for third party applications for almost everything, but for some applications, this can be circumvented by downloading macports and fink, which may work like using the PORTS package management system from FreeBSD/PC-BSD.

    And the Last but not least, the unknown giant, BSD. BSD is actually a very very robust operating system, Microsoft took some stuff from FreeBSD just to make Windows 7 a bit better.

    Make a FreeBSD/PC-BSD/OpenBSD with a TrustedBSD combo and you have an almost invincible system in a network.

    With FreeBSD/PC-BSD you can have an useful and very very solid system to work like an advanced linux one, for free. The downside is as same as the Linux one, but more remarkable because BSD was designed for critical missions in mind, and not for usability until very recently, and that’s something the PC-BSD project is trying to solve.

    I’ve used Windows for 16 years and Linux/BSD/Mac systems for 5 years. I hope my rant is useful for you.

  2. The iPad might be a valid argument IF people used it for their sole computer. How many people have forsaken every other computer in their home for an iPad thinking “This is all the computer I need now?” None. They may have sold a million in the first month, but Craigslist seems to have sold almost half as many since.

  3. I think pc dominates on a computer aspect but on product designing they lack skill witch is part of the reason mac is doing better because they have sexy products.

    mac is like a retared hot girl and pc is like a ugly smart man.

    analogy fail

    • Well, yes and as was mentioned in an above comment, mac needs to release it’s hardware (and some software) into the wild. I’m a pc user and I have noticed that macs are horrible for any hard work (and they are useless for
      PC*emphasis* gaming). apparently they are releasing a faster mac processor this christmas, but as far as I know, they can’t read .exe files to play the games. I only use iTunes because it looks good and is user friendly. However, I use Windows media player for all the complex tasks. Like you said, mac is like a dumb hot girl, but PC is an ugly smart guy.

      I love how many freeware programs you can find for windows. I can do almost anything with all the freeware I have that is compatible with windows.

  4. Now I don’t have a lot of knowledge about the whole Mac Vs PC war but from what I’ve seen:
    These iPads would be fragile and easy to brake
    A target of theft maybe?
    Screen easily scratched
    I’m just speculating but after we all got used to PC, for time-to-time computer users like me, wouldn’t it just be a nuisance to get used to a different format?
    Also, is it unfair to compare a Software company(Microsoft) to Apple. I mean, Microsoft aren’t widely known to make hardware. Please comment as I am doing an assignment on this.
    (P.S. I’m not sayin I don’t like Apple. Just looking for opinions from Apple users)

  5. Muchenjeri

    Let me think. More people use pc than mac. More businesses use pc than mac.
    PC competes with PC (Its XP vs Vista vs 7) while mac competes with pc. Far as I can see the war does not even exist despite the mac fanboy self congratulatory delusion. Yes, finally it is a matter of preference. I have both and just prefer the PC when I am seriously working.

  6. yes, the mac vs pc war has been over for a long time now……. pc crushed the mac… because apple did not want to let anyone else produce its parts (back in day) they got greedy and started selling replacement parts at total ripoff prices…. they allways had a better computer… and allways had a crappy busness plan. (how many apples do you see at work?)

  7. Scottix

    Epic interview fail, but besides that. The war is over in terms of the public eye and just accepting of what is on each others platforms. Microsoft still has the major business side of things and Apple would have to make huge strides in that takeover. So my opinion is they are definitely in the consumer market, but to cross that business line would take more epic proportions.

    • Rafe K.

      Violation. Use of “epic” twice one post. You must now read an actual epic. I recommend the Iliad and Odyssey by Homer (not Simpson). :)

      On topic, the more these companies like Apple and FB create these “walled gardens”, the more people are going to twig to a possible “paradigm shift” between “proprietary” vs “open” tech in their “mindshare” and “purchases”.

  8. Jayson

    Where did they find this reporter? Could they not find someone who knows something about technology, Apple, Steve, or just with some tact.

  9. Besides The Woz, this interview is sooo awkward. Everything from David Flynn’s awkward smile to the interviewer not knowing anything and just asking unnecessary questions to Steve.

  10. People don’t have to be caught in the Apple vs. PC paradigm any more, says Woz, because “we’ve broken free of that.”

    Huh? Wasn’t it Apple that pushed that paradigm in people’s faces a few years ago with those adverts?

  11. When you first turn your iPad on, it won’t start until it is attached to a PC or Mac – using iTunes which is an ugly program.

    Amazing that something “so well engineered and designed” requires periodic tethering.

    • SJ has mentioned many times that Apple has a concept of the Mac and PC as being more of a hub for data storage once the mobile market becomes the dominant space. He’s been saying this since when they came out with the iPod in 2002 (about).

      The reason is that most people don’t want to walk around with all their contacts, movies, music and more on their mobile device without a secure backup on their Computer at home. Imagine if you leave your phone in a bar and someone found it and didn’t return it to you, or it got wet and shorted out. You would lose all your data.

      As it is right now. If something happens to your iDevice, when you get your new one you just take it home, plug it in, restore and your ready to go. That’s one of the reasons for iTunes. There are many other issues such as the whole DRM thing and apple’s deal with the music labels.

      Eventually apple will have to move iTunes to the cloud. Possibly then you would have to just login to iTunes on your mobile device and synch over the air back to the server without needing to plug into a computer. Now that would be nice.

  12. Anonymoose

    “Of course it has. The world needs a cheap, crappy knock-off operating system at a low price for cheap, crappy computers used by the masses. Some people are only concerned about price; quality and the user experience is more important to others. Microsoft is welcome to the schlock market…”

    You fail to realise that retail versions of Windows 7 are much more expensive then retail versions of Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

    • “…retail versions of Windows 7 are much more expensive then retail versions of Mac OS X Snow Leopard”

      That happens to be true for many software titles for the Mac. Many people don’t realize that cost of ownership of a Mac is much less than windows machines because quite a few software titles cost less, no need for running anti-virus software (yet) and less maintenance.

      However, what I’m sure he was referring to was not just buying windows 7, he was referring to buying a PC vs a Mac. You can buy an equivalent PC (specs wise) for hundreds of dollars less than a Mac.

      Most people buy based on price, hence most will buy a PC.

  13. HD Boy

    “…Windows 7 has already managed to capture more market share than all the Mac OS versions…”

    Of course it has. The world needs a cheap, crappy knock-off operating system at a low price for cheap, crappy computers used by the masses. Some people are only concerned about price; quality and the user experience is more important to others. Microsoft is welcome to the schlock market…

  14. This confirms that Steve Wozniak is a comedian. Hey Steve Wozniak, Apple makes overpriced, overhyped trinkets consumed by the affluent. For the rest of us- it’s not Apple baubles. In the few months that its been out, Windows 7 has already managed to capture more market share than all the Mac OS versions combined.

    • Anonymous

      “The Mac vs. PC War Is Over” my friend. Don’t you still get the point of this discussion? No matter how much more Windows 7 is selling than Mac OSX, it is an old debate. Meditate the fact the “we’ve broken free of that”. There is another battlefield! This is what Wozniak wants people to get. Why even mentionning Windows 7 at this point? Look, with what’s going on today with the iPad and all the apps coming, in about 2 or 3 years, 95% of our computing will be handled by tablets “a la” iPad, not by PC’s (not even Macs). And in that new world, where is Windows? Don’t get me wrong, Microsoft will still be making a lot of money, leading the way in desktop software… just like IBM is leading the way in something else today (Enterprise services). But IBM doesn’t rule anymore!

    • “The Mac vs. PC War Is Over” my friend and it has been so for a long time as Steve Jobs himself recognized long ago. Why even mention Windows 7 here? Just meditate on the fact that “We’ve broken free of that” and adapt your thinking to the new paradigm. There’s a new battlefield today. In about 2 or 3 years, 95% of our computing will be handled by tablets “a la” iPad. Desktops and laptops will only be used for CAD, programming and heavy (text, graphics and video) editing. All of that add up to maybe 3% of why people are using a computer. It’s obvious, the vast majority of people will neither need a PC nor a Mac. In this new upcoming world, where is Microsoft? Don’t get me wrong, they won’t go bankrupt, the same way IBM didn’t collapse. It’s just that they won’t lead the way no more. Apple doesn’t care of PC’s, me neither and you shouldn’t as well. Apple has been fighting for the last 10 years to build and dominate the new paradigm. They’ve just been milking the Mac for what it’s worth because it is still a very lucrative revenue stream… and it will be in the future, but no longer Apple’s most important business channel.

    • Yes windows 7 sold alot, but microsoft has been really selling to it’s base. Many people wanted to upgrade after the Vista debacle.

      The problem microsoft has is that they are kings of the desktop market, but they have completely missed the boat on the mobile market and that’s the market of the future. The mobile market is going to be much larger than the desktop.

      Microft is also very late to the mobile party. If they are going to be players in this new space, they will have alot of catching up to do to Apple, Google and possibly HP.

  15. Artruro Jayson

    A superb, telling and entertaining appearance by Woz himself. Sounds like an awesome product that “they’re already using at MySpace”. It sounds like he and David Flynn have a real performer.

    It looks like he just interviewed Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

  16. That Fox News guy is an idiot. What’s the point in asking Woz if he is a billionaire or multi-hundred-aire? Moron.

    Woz made him look like the moron he is. Woz FTW!

    • woolf2k

      Cavuto does appear to be “out of it”, he’s usually a bit sharper than this… but yeah he seems to be outside his league

  17. The Mac/PC war may be over, but the iPhone/Android war is heating up! (especially with HP/Palm jumping in as well)

    I think if it weren’t for Apple’s superior hardware (especially regarding the touchscreen which obliterates its rivals), the competition would be a lot fiercer than it is right now.

    • No, the mobile war is heating up, which is about services and access. Apple will increasingly come under pressure to open the systems, because that is the true value of mobile. The device is less important. But, Apple has the best mobile browser!…

      HP’s best shot is to cross the line between Apple and Android and create a mobile cloud infrastructure taking the last step. If developers could create mobile/cloud apps using tools similar to the Palm browser based development environment and something along the lines of Amazon cloud services, they could gain the upper hand.