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Where to Watch ROFLCon Live

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We love our memes here at camp NewTeeVee. Rick Astley, angry Hitler, cute kittens, drugged-out kids: The web video world wouldn’t be half as exciting without all those viral goodies, which is why we’re very much looking forward to this Friday and Saturday, when the 2nd ROFLCon in Cambridge will explore “what makes memes work, why they work, and where (it is) all going.”

Unfortunately, though, none of us will be able to attend in person, and there’s a high likelihood you won’t either, as tickets are all sold out. But no worries, there are going to be multiple live streams covering the entire event, including keynote speeches by danah boyd and Ethan Zuckerman (who apparently has been busy finding kitten pictures for his presentation).

There are also going to be talks and panel discussions featuring Antonia Neshev (the original Three Wolf Moon artist), Andrew Sorcini (better known under his Digg moniker MrBabyMan), Mahir Cagri (you’re old if you remember who he is), Kevan Atteberry (the creator of Microsoft Office’s Clippy), Laurence Canter (of Canter & Siegel, the first, uhm, mass email marketer ever) and David Weinberger.

Online video fans will also recognize a number of luminaries, including David A. Devore a.k.a. David after Dentist, the keyboard cat creator Charlie Schmidt and Jamie Wilkinson (formerly with Rocketboom / Know your Meme). Check out the complete schedule for more info.

The live stream of the event starts Friday at 1 p.m. Eastern (10 a.m. Pacific), and Saturday at 10 a.m. Eastern. Video is streamed Flash-free via HTML5, something that isn’t supported by all browsers yet, but the ROFLCon organizers have thankfully set up a test page playing the seminal Rick Astley video to check if your browser supports the live stream. In their own words: “If you’re getting Rick Roll’d, you’re ready for the big show.”

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