Vevo Continues to Show M.I.A. Video


The controversy surrounding pop musician M.I.A.’s Born Free video just got a little more interesting: Music video portal Vevo explained in a blog post this morning that it is going to continue to show Born Free “with appropriate messaging for viewers.” But it will turn to an alternative distribution partner to do so.

From the blog post:

“While M.I.A’s views aren’t necessarily those of Vevo’s, we feel airing this video, as a means of self-expression, is in the best interest of all artists appearing on Vevo.”

The move comes after at least some instances of the video were removed from YouTube (s GOOG) in recent days, even though it can still be found in other places on the video sharing site. Vevo’s stance is interesting in part because the site, which is owned by Universal Music, Sony Music (s SNE) and the Abu Dhabi Media Company, is powered by YouTube.

In order to keep the video up despite the threat of removal from YouTube, Vevo switched platforms for this video and embedded a copy served by Brightcove. The video platform provider is used by all four major labels for artist and label sites and thus has been competing with Vevo and YouTube in the past.

In fact, Brightcove took a swing at Vevo a few weeks ago when it published statistics to show that artist sites featuring Brightcove videos see higher completion rates than sites like YouTube and Vevo.

However, he spat seems to be all but forgotten, and It’s likely that Vevo will see a nice boost in its numbers due to the M.I.A. video. The video now features warning message about “violent scenes that may be unsettling to some viewers.”

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