Verizon Droid Incredible — First Look


The Droid Incredible by HTC is now available on the Verizon (s vz) network in the U.S. and one just showed up at my door. I have not had time to play with it enough to talk intelligently about it so these photos will have to tide you over until I do. I can say one thing with certainty — this thing is FAST. Make that two things — this is the best phone on the Verizon network.

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I’ve been waiting for the full review!!! Did I miss it?


Is it possible to run a PS3 through the Droid for online gaming???

I know it’s possible to use internet access off of the phone for computer usage.

Can I get rid of my internet access all together?


Played with one for a while in a Verizon store today. I was very impressed. The optical mouse, though, is unnecessary and takes up space that could be used for more screen or to make the device shorter. At least the optical mouse is not as much of a waste of space as the zoom bar on the TP2 and TD2, though. But still a poor choice.

If the EVO is simply too big (which I doubt), I’d seriously consider this (hopefully it will come to Sprint sometime). Either way, I can’t wait to get rid of my TP2.

HTC Apps

Smartphone technology is moving at an amazing clip – it was only four years ago when the Moto Razr was the rage in town. How things have changed!

The Droid Incredible, HTC Evo, and Samsung Galaxy S are about to change the way we compute. I hesitate to imagine the Wow! factor next year.


I’ve been watching Android for awhile and saw no reason to switch from iPhone until now. The Incredible is close enough and it’s on Verizon. Bought the phone yesterday and ported my AT&T number today. Being able to make and receive calls from my house is nice…I couldn’t do that with AT&T. Maybe I can even get a signal when I travel to New York City now.


Look I have the motorola droid my girl has the droid htc the two phones are not evan comparible the best phone on the market was the iphone but my droid does eveything it does so to call the htc wich is nothing more than a slightly upgraded version of the first htc the best phone on verizon is plain dumb.


You just one long sentence with no structure, poor grammar and spelling. Why should anyone take anything you say seriously?

Raymond Padilla

Slightly upgraded? It has a faster processor, superior camera, and better screen. Most, but not all, consumers would prefer Sense over barebones Android. It seems clear that the Incredible is better than the Droid. The only reasons I can see for going with the Motorola are if you need a physical keyboard and want faster Android updates.


There is NO way it’s better than my Motorola V325 with AMPS fall back.


Brian Hall

Oh, smartphone unboxing porn!

I rate smartphones on my site and also thought highly of this phone ( but unlike you, didn’t think as much of the N8. But I certainly wouldn’t turn either down.


Hi jk I wanted to give what I hope is constructive criticism.

You’re a tech blogger not a kid in a candy store. Perhaps you should spend more time with devices and look at them more critically before declaring them the best in the first 5 min. Isn’t saying that a little over the top? Plus, to say its the best means you’re discounting things that some ppl find important like a physical kb. So the incredible is only the best if u don’t care about or want a physical keyboard. Its not one side fits all and I think you should clarify that.

Second, every hot new phone is declared the best ever by the tech bloggers. Next month it’ll be something else. It reduces credibility a bit when you appear to be just following a predictable and repeating path.

Finally, the experience people have in the first few minutes with something is often vastly different than their experience as time goes on. There could be battery issues, screen issues, and whatever, associated with a new device. Many of these things won’t be apparent until real world use in the field. Isn’t it a bit premature to declare it the best when the only thing you can truly judge it on so early is your initial excitement and adrenalin rush?

Would love your thoughts.

James Kendrick

Rob, you are correct and why I always provide coverage over a period of time for any device, phone or otherwise. I have tested every major smartphone Verizon has released for a while and while you are correct I haven’t tested this one very long I am confident the “best phone” tag will survive, as far as Verizon goes.

Phones and personal technology items are just that, very personal, and while I agree with you some will find particular features mandatory to meet their needs, I can’t anticipate that for everyone. I call them as I see them and hope that you and others will take that with your own needs in mind.

This was not a phone review, simply a quick look at the phone. Since the Incredible went on sale today, I knew that some would like to see it quickly before plunking down hard cash.

I hope this makes sense to you, and I appreciate your thoughts.


James is the charger a mini USB? looks different. Also can the phone be used as a WiFi hot spot with software, or needs to be rooted? Lucky you :)

Matt Brubeck

I’m not sure about the Incredible, but most HTC Android phones use HTC’s “ExtUSB” connector.

ExtUSB is partly backward-compatible with Mini USB. You can plug a standard Mini USB cable into your HTC phone, but you can’t plug an HTC ExtUSB cable into a Mini USB port on another device.


The new HTC phones have micro usb. The Desire / Incredible also uses micro usb port for charging and data sync.

B. Moore

Did you take it outside?

I’ve read a few sites so far that say it is unusable outside in the sun. It has the same problem as the rest of the HTC phones. I would have thought they would have fixed that problem by now but I guess not… dam.

So are those reports true?


Its not the same screen as the Nexus One. More responsive and accurate too.


Hey Jim can u pls measure the x and y dimensions of the screen? (not the diagonal)


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