Skyfire 2.0 for Android Released


The Skyfire browser brings the desktop web experience to the phone, but until today Android (s goog) phone owners were unable to share in that experience. Skyfire 2.0 has been released today for the Android platform, and the full Flash experience (sorry Jobs) is part of the package. Skyfire uses server-side page rendering to bring web pages to the phone screen looking like they do on the desktop. Video streaming also works with few compromises, according to the developer.

This second major version of Skyfire introduces the SkyBar, a toolbar that improves the ability to play video, explore the web and to share web information with friends. To get Skyfire 2.0 for Android, visit the Skyfire web site.

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The Flash video is still choppy and crappy. Like a low-res slideshow.

The only exception is YouTube, where it seems to bypass their server or something.

So when it’s actually viewing Flash video it looks crap, and when it just gets the video directly, you can do that in any other browser anyway.


Kevin C. Tofel

I gave it a try on my Nexus One and it’s not bad. The main draw is the ability to watch Flash videos, although you’re really not watching them using Flash. Skyfire transcodes them on the fly. And the one video I tried it with gave me sound only, no video. I’ll have to try some other videos.

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