Open Thread: Could You Live Without Flash?


Over on Ghacks, Martin Brinkmann describes how he’s been living without Flash (s adbe) installed on his work computer, due to an increase in the number of hacks targeting it. Brinkmann’s now four weeks into his experiment, and says he mostly hasn’t missed Flash, although there have been times when not having it has been awkward. In particular, he’s found not being able to view Flash videos difficult, although he lists a number of workarounds, including using YouTube’s experimental HTML5 video player, downloading videos to view them, and using the developer version of Chrome (this one could be described as cheating, as it has native Flash support built in).

It seems that getting by without Flash is becoming easier (there’s no Flash on the iPhone (s aapl) or the iPad, for example), and I’m looking forward to a future where open technologies like HTML5 will render Flash obsolete (for more about why open standards matter, see my interview with Bruce Lawson of Opera). However,  even though HTML5 video is becoming more commonplace, and I don’t come across Flash-based websites quite as often as I once did, I don’t think I could do without having Flash installed on my machine just yet. Personally, I don’t believe Flash is enough of a security risk or a resource hog to force myself into having to use workarounds to access web content on a daily basis. What do you think, though? Could you live without Flash?

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jan stephens

I have never loaded flash. And I have managed to obtain a BSC honors in IT and Computing and develop/program content management websites without Flash. You don’t need it and any websites I come across that tell me I have to load it to view content end up being binned.


It’s redicilious to not agree that Flash is popular and will stay. Also millions of videos are uploaded to Youtube and millions are embedded to homepages. It’s Flash! Do you think Youtube would remove functionality that implemented to million of homepages? So the fight against Flash is lost. Sorry.


Definitely not…well not for now. Reason being is that too many sites still use flash videos. Also, I love flash-based games and I doubt HTML5 offers anything that can compete with that.

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