Green:Net Launchpad: ecoATM and Soneter Win

The Green:Net launchpad event showcases 10 startups or new products hand-picked by the Earth2Tech staff. Each presenter had four minutes to present its business to a panel of three judges from the venture capital industry and the audience. The judges selected ecoATM as the winner, with People Power and Soneter tied for second, while Soneter won the audience choice award.

People Power is an energy efficiency company providing residential monitoring and control solutions, including tools for developers to build solutions on the Open Source Home Area Network platform (OSHAN).

Speaker: Gene Wang, CEO

Experienced team, new Facebook app launching today to encourage unplugging to reduce carbon emissions. Main product is building on top of home area network and low-cost chip for appliances. Included a video of his daughter singing at a rally about saving the earth.

Tom Blaisdell, General Partner, DCM gave People Power a five mostly because there was too much going on for him to understand the business in such a short amount of time. Total score was 18.

VECARIUS develops advanced battery and power management products that improve fuel economy and increase energy efficiency of vehicles by combining energy harvesting, routing intelligence, and delivery adaptability.

Speaker: William Sanchez, Managing Director and Co-Founder

Vehicles are inefficient; of the $3 gallon you pay for gas, only 75 cents goes to getting you to your destination. Their new catalytic converter recaptures a large portion of lost energy and is amenable to retrofitting. Will going to market with taxi cabs, first sales in Boston area to fleet owners in early winter.

Navin Chaddha, Managing Director with Mayfield Fund said the market opportunity may be interesting but he didn’t understand the company’s differentiation, nor the opportunity. Total score was a 13.

ecoATM Based in San Diego, Calif., ecoATM, the only company to provide automated systems for recycling consumer electronics.

Speaker: Tom Tullie, CEO

The company’s goal is to keep phones out of landfills and deliver them to secondary markets. A kiosk automates takeback of consumer electronics. The machine inspects the device visually, tests the electronics, removes personal data, and pays back the person depositing it. Eight pilots in the market so far, up to 45-minute lines to use the device. The only need one user a day to break even, and currently average six.

Steve Vassallo, Venture Partner of Foundation Capital, said this is a great market opportunity but there are a number of other efforts, such as mailing a gadget in that have a lower capital cost. Total score was a 20.

Building Solutions performs home energy audits and energy efficiency home improvements and is launching a scalable, portable software solution for comprehensive audits and prioritized recommendations.

Speaker: Neil Buckley, Co-Founder and VP of Technology

User dashboard for energy audits to perform in your the home. Set of forms broken down into steps to evaluate all the various parts of a home, and diagrams to evaluate airflow and other factors. Like Quicken for home energy efficiency. Then creates detailed report for home owner about energy usage.

Blaisdell said that the software looked good, but said it’s going to be a slower growth business than a venture capitalist would fund. Total Score was 11.

GE Digital Energy – Power Quality has technology that delivers superior performance and industry-leading energy efficiency for facility power management.

Speaker: Mark Szalkus, Marketing and Commercialization Manager

GE’s new eBoost improves Uninterruptible Power Supply performance in data centers to reduce carbon emissions.

Chaddha said that GE’s eBoost technology was nice for big industry, but if it were a startup he would have given it a one instead of the three he gave the presentation. Total score was a nine.

energics With the vision of Smart Grid 3.0 enabled by proactive intelligence™, energics patented technology – intelligence for energy® – delivers innovation across energy’s new landscape.

Speaker: Marc Parmet, CEO, President and Founder

The company seeks to define a Smart Grid 3.0 powered by intelligence-driven automation. Extremely snazzy slide deck probably hurt this presentation.

Vassallo summed it up saying, “I’m exhausted by that presentation and I actually don’t know what you do.” Total score was an 8.

ecoVouch is a Social Location based directory platform that allows sustainable businesses to communicate effectively to participants through display ads, vouchers or a loyalty program.

Speaker: Tyson Lundbech, Founder

Mobile social loyalty application. Alpha app available at for iPhone and desktop. App shows map of closest sustainable businesses, integrates with Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. Businesses can pay to advertise and set up loyalty programs.

Chaddha said he thought ecoVouch was too social and too mobile, which meant it was too hot for his investment. Total score was a 13.

Soneter modifies water consumption behavior in the multifamily housing industry using innovative, non-invasive meter technology, providing reduced water consumption and improved property valuation.

Speaker: Sean Mahoney, Principal

This company is extending the smart grid to water. It measures and addresses your water footprint like your carbon footprint. Water metering is low-tech and it doesn’t inform the consumer; their device can be wrapped around the existing pipe — no need for cutting. Based on technology from Georgia Tech and targeting U.S. apartments. Can use social sharing to incentive saving and expose wasteful habits to improve behavior.

Blaisdell liked the ease of using Sonetaer’s technology, but he said the issue is that currently water isn’t market priced, and until that happens consumers don’t have enough pain to need Soneter’s tech. Total score was 18.

Carbon Voyage provides a service to reduce the financial cost and environmental impact of travel for individuals and organizations.

Speaker: James Swanston, Founder

Transport responsible for a quarter of the world’s carbon emissions, and it’s not efficient. The company provides a booking service for transport, for instance optimizing taxi trips to and from airports.

Vassallo liked that the product would meet a need, not just for the green aspects but also because it would help with congestion, but he said he didn’t know what proprietary technology Carbon Voyage had or used to make the software work. Total score was 11.

EcoDomus brings benefits of BIM to facility management. Our 3D BIM software integrates BIM with Facility Maintenance and Building Automation systems for green building intelligence.

Speaker: Igor Starkov, President and Co-Founder

Young company focused on improving energy performance of commercial buildings. Integrates BIM with existing software for facility management and building automation. USC and Texas A&M are customers.

Chaddha said he thinks there is a need for EcoDomus’ software, but he was unsure about how difficult the sales process would be for the company. Total score was 17.

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