Video: How Bejeweled Maker PopCap Games Went Social


Outside of Pixar, PopCap Games may have the best track record for pumping out hits. From Bejeweled to Peggle, it’s hard to find a dud in the company’s lineup. But the casual games world is evolving from a downloaded, solitary experience to a social one. Can PopCap keep its hot streak going in the age of Facebook?

To find out, we did a quick video interview with PopCap Co-founder John Vechey and CEO David Roberts last week. Some highlights:

  • PopCap launched a one-minute version of Bejeweled called Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook. According to the company’s fact sheet, more than 100 million games of Blitz are played each day, and separately, Vechey told me that the average game session lasts a whopping 43 minutes (remember, that it’s a one-minute game!).
  • In the future “All of our games will be somewhat social,” according to Vechey.
  • PopCap is excited about Facebook’s Open Graph movement and believes it will be a powerful recommendation tool for people who might not be familiar with PopCap’s lineup.
  • According to Roberts, if a game isn’t fun with just programmer art and no sound, there is no amount of “spicing it up” that can make it so.

For more on the social web, check out our in-depth piece, There’s No Stopping Facebook over at our subscription research service, GigaOM Pro.


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