Decipher Those Shortened Links With Chrome Extension View Thru

I wrote recently about Untiny, a service that can show you where shortened URLs (like those provided by really lead — and help to prevent you from being tricked into visiting dodgy sites. In Chrome, the extension that I’m currently using to handle deciphering those shortened links is called View Thru.

I like how unobtrusive it is, only displaying the link’s destination when you hover your mouse over it. The UntinyFox add-on I use on Firefox, on the other hands, automatically deciphers all of the shortened links on a page, which can make things a bit messy if there’s a lot of them.

Here’s a screenshot of my Twitterstream — the top tweet contains a shortened link to our Green:Net conference, and the full destination pops up when I hover my mouse over the link:

What tools do you use for deciphering shortened links?

(via How-To Geek)

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