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Internet Brands Buys Professional Directory Network ExpertHub

Internet Brands has purchased ExpertHub, which runs a network of sites that let consumers look up professionals like dentists, accountants, and lawyers (ExpertHub owns such wonderful domains as and Professionals set up profiles that are then distributed across ExpertHub’s SEO-optimized sites.

In a release, Internet Brands, which owns sites like and, says the deal will help it cash in on the small- to- medium-sized business internet advertising market.

Internet Brands has historically been extremely acquisitive — but the pace of its purchases slowed down significantly last year. In 2009, it spent $19.9 million on 18 buys, down from $62.6 million on 29 acquisition in 2008.

That may be changing. In addition to ExpertHub, Internet Brands said today it had purchased two shopping sites, “Deal of the Day” tracker and reviews site, meaning it will now made 11 acquisitions so far this year. None of the financial terms of any of theses latest deals were released.

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  1. Ron Hunter

    The former owners of one of the most highly trafficked websites in the world,, filed a federal lawsuit April 23, 2010 in United States
    District Court, Central District of California, claiming that Internet Brands, Inc.,
    which bought the website from them in May 2008, has failed to fulfill the terms
    of the written Asset Purchase and Sale Agreement.