Stowaway Portable Keyboard Revived by Thanko

Thanko USB keyboard folded

The Stowaway Portable Keyboard still ranks as my favorite portable keyboard of all time. The Bluetooth version I have has stood the test of time, at least 5 years, and found new life as an outstanding keyboard to be used with the iPad. It’s too bad that Stowaway has gone away, and the company that bought the rights to the Stowaway line shut it down a couple of years ago. Good technology never dies, and Asian gadget maker Thanko has a USB portable keyboard that looks exactly like the Stowaway.

Since showing the Stowaway in use with my iPad, I have been inundated with requests from readers wanting to know where to find one. Searches online have turned up empty, but this keyboard by Thanko is available now.

The original Stowaway keyboard was available in both a USB and a Bluetooth version. The Bluetooth version is the one I use, and the wireless connectivity makes it a solid partner with the iPad. The Thanko version that is now being sold is USB only, unfortunately. This model may work with the iPad using the photo accessory that has a USB port, but that is not a given. Hopefully Thanko will also offer a Bluetooth version. They’d sell a lot of these to iPad owners, I believe. Note that the Thanko keyboard will work with any Windows PC and Mac.


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