Sprint iPad Case — 4G in Style

Sprint 4G case thumb

Sprint has been quick to push the use of its Overdrive modem with the iPad. The combination allows the Wi-Fi model of the iPad to be used on the Sprint 4G (WiMAX) network where available. To promote this usage case, Sprint has been giving a case away that is tailored to fit the iPad and the Overdrive modem. I received a case to review today, and it’s a decent solution for carrying both gadgets around town.

The case is solidly constructed and fits the iPad and Overdrive exactly. The fit is so tight that the iPad will only fit in the case by itself — even the thin Apple Case is too bulky to use with the Sprint case. The Sprint 4G Case is as thin and light as can be, and it’s free from Sprint when you buy an Overdrive at participating Best Buy stores.


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