RapidShare Targets Copycats to Appease Rights Holders


One-click file hoster RapidShare has begun to send cease and desist orders to websites that index its content, according to a Torrentfreak report. Some of the sites targeted are Rapidshare.net, Rapid.org and Rapidshare4movies.com. See a pattern here? Apparently RapidShare’s legal counsel did as well, which is why the host site is alleging trademark abuse and unfair competition.

Rapidshare.net and some of the other sites targeted essentially work like search engines, indexing files hosted by RapidShare — a functionality that the one-click hoster itself is not offering. RapidShare is now demanding that the sites stop to encourage copyright infringement, turn off their servers and hand over their domains, according to Torrentfreak.

RapidShare launched a beta version of a movie download service last December, and its CEO Bobby Chang reportedly recently approached rights holders with an offer to utilize its service to sell digital downloads by redirecting users looking for pirated files to licensed copies. Chang apparently also stated that the company would soon take a tougher approach against indexing sites. However, it seems like Chang is now leaving the company, and it’s unclear how his departure will affect RapidShare’s relationship with rights holders.

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