Google Nexus One Gone From Verizon Lineup


Many Nexus One fans have been watching the Google (s goog) Nexus One web site to see when the dreaded “coming soon” to Verizon (s vz) message would go away and the phone would be available for order. That may not ever happen as a check today shows the Google Nexus One site no longer indicates it will be coming to Verizon.

The Google Nexus One site now says you can buy the Droid Incredible, a “similarly feature-packed cousin of the Nexus One.” Sure looks like the Nexus One isn’t coming to Verizon after all. Perhaps Verizon decided not to play with Google’s experiment of selling the phone itself.



I went with the Moto Droid because I like my Android naked:)

Jack C

Ouch! Combined with a likely summer announcement of the next-gen iPhone hitting Verizon, this is bad news for the survivability of the Google phone.

Ryan Murphy

Makes you wonder if Sprint will be losing the hinted Nexus One as well. If the Incredible is going to replace it for Verizon, I could see them looking at the Evo as Sprint’s “special” Android phone.

Bruce McL

Verizon allowed the “coming soon” on the Nexus page to keep people from leaving Verizon for T-Mo or AT&T. Now Verizon has decided that the Incredible will keep people from leaving, and perhaps attract new people as well.

HTC Sense is more than just widgets. It is not disable-able on any phone that I know of. I wish I had it on my Android phone. I think it is superior to stock Android.


Nexus One = Droid Incredible = HTC Desire

We all know this..

All I want to be sure of is that it’s hopefully easy to disable that HTC Sense UI bloatware thing and choose to have the basic Android home screen and overall UI features. If Sense UI can be disabled on Incredible and Desire without installing a hacked firmware that voids the warranty, then all 3 phones are exactly the same.

It can’t be Google’s fault if Verizon doesn’t want to sell sub-$200 unlocked Android phones. They profit immensely selling $3500 2-year contracts on these phones, so they are going to continue doing that for as long as possible.


Seems strange to me that Verizon would walk away after their promise to release the Nexus One on their network. Yes the Incredible is a close cousin but their sisters in London (jt venture partners Vodafone in Verizon Wireless) today announced the launch of the Nexus One in the UK, even though they too are selling the Incredible (Desire in Europe). What gives Verizon? Don’t you say what you mean?


I still think Google has the power to change the subscription game at any point they deem with Google Voice and lower prices. However, the Nexus One was a failure in marketing in my opinion. I own a HTC Hero, but nobody knows what that is. I have to say Android phone, in which people then say “You mean like the Droid”? Presently, the name recognition of the Droid has the rest of the android phone market trying to catch up.


James, if the Nexus One is no longer being offered on Verizon, what happened to the “big surprise” that we were supposed to see with the launch of the Verizon Nexus One?

You may as well out your source/info now that Verizon has changed its mind on things :)

Scott Lewis

So Google lost the good fight then. Verizon avoids the Google controlled OS and feature release approach of nexus one and Verizon customers will always have to wait for HTC and Verizon to decide when they get new Android versions and which capabilities they can use. Disappointing. Hopes of Google changing the market power dynamics across the cellular industry fading.

Kevin C. Tofel

Or have they simply postponed it? Perhaps Verizon asked Google to hold off on the Nexus One for VZW until after the Incredible launches — not a likely scenario, but still possible, and not one that Google would be able to publicly acknowledge right now.


It’s been a razor’s edge for Google from the beginning. Trying to control an OS all the while refusing to assert control over it or closing it up in any way. It’s a tough business model. High ideals of open source don’t fair well in the schwashbuckling world of wireless, unfortunately.

As for me, that’s now reason number 657 to NOT switch to Verizon. But in a market that’s controlled by a consumer base that’s largely ignorant of the technology behind the products, it’s a tough thing for those of us who aren’t.

Cupertino Cali

This is surely good new for the Apple brand if anything branded “Google” does not make it to market. Hopefully Big Red just kicked the N1 Google phone to the curb and be done with it. Want to see Apple stock uptick a bit after this news for sure.

Apple will be launching a 4G LTE-base phone later this year which should be another punch in the face of Google. This war is just getting started and Schmitty is going to get bruised as these titans go head-to-head in a bloody knockdown dragout fight for the future of mobile computing.

Apple Peel

Yep. Looks like Apple gave Verizon an Ultimatum. iPhone -or- gPhone and looks like Verizon has chosen the iPhone for its flagship smartphone on its future LTE network. There is not room for two superphones at the top of Big Red food chain. Apple will rightly claim the thrown they so rightly deserve. Once Apple starts locking up exclusive content/games for the iPad/iPhone and keep as much as possible away from Google then Apple customers will be happy campers (and Verizon too!).

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