Mozilla Contacts Adds Facebook and Yahoo Support

Mozilla has released an update to Contacts, its fantastic little contact management add-on for Firefox. The new version includes quite a few nice improvements, most notably added support for Facebook and Yahoo contacts. The Facebook integration works via the new Facebook Graph API, which despite the developer saying it could still be buggy seems to be working fine for me.

An interesting new feature is  the“person:” URL, which you can use to look up people in your contacts list — or anybody on the web, for that matter. Firefox will combine information from your the address book on your computer with that found on the web to create a profile page about the person — for example, you could try “person:”

The update also adds support for auto-completion of contact names in the Awesome Bar. Just start typing a name and it will suggest possible matches, as the screenshot below shows:

Although Contacts is still classed as “experimental” by Mozilla, it’s an incredibly useful free add-on that I highly recommend installing, particularly if details of your contacts are currently spread across a few different services. You can download it here.

What do you use to manage your contacts?

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