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IPL Blows Away YouTube Projections, Tops 51M Views

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YouTube’s (s GOOG) first foray into streaming live sports was far more successful than expected, blowing away internal projections and generating five times more views during the 2010 Indian Premier League (IPL) tournament than it initially anticipated.

As part of its first international sports deal, YouTube streamed all 60 matches of the 45-day IPL tournament live on a dedicated YouTube channel at, and on the IPL’s website at

YouTube’s internal “stretch goals” for the event were 10 million views over the course of the six-week tournament. But interest in the IPL well exceed those expectations, generating more than 51 million views, including this weekend’s championship match between the Mumbai Indians and the Chennai Super Kings. As a result, YouTube says its coverage of the cricket league ranked as the top sports channel worldwide, surpassing global video views of the NBA, NHL, ESPN and UFC. The IPL channel was also the most-viewed and most-subscribed channel in India during that period.

The distribution agreement called for the IPL matches were live-streamed to more than 200 countries worldwide, excluding the U.S. Even so, the U.S. was second only to India in terms of the number of views generated during the event, mainly from on-demand availability of matches after they were aired live. As a result, YouTube opened the semifinal and final matches up to the U.S. audience for live and on-demand viewing.

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8 Responses to “IPL Blows Away YouTube Projections, Tops 51M Views”

  1. shetaan819

    I was able to receive all highlights that were available on the YouTube IPL site on AppleTV until just a few weeks ago (Quality was excellent, btw). I now receive a ‘communication error’ message.

    I can understand not allowing access to the full match on AppleTV as that would infringe with the broadcast rights of the DirecTV satellite service in the United States however I dont see the logic for not allowing access to highlights as that only serves to promote the sport, especially in a country that is just starting to get familiar with cricket…

  2. wonder why they aren’t reporting UU’s. plus, would a stream constitute a full match view or a 1-min bounce off?

    or… what was the average length of viewing per session.

    that’s where the real deal is. this is planted news, clearly.

  3. Youtube streaming didn’t work for me. Check the comments in Youtube’s IPL page. Many suffered outages. Luckily for me, DirecTV came for rescue broadcasting freely on channel 101 (both finals & semifinals).

    I glad CSK were able to win it, there is a kick when an underdog comes out ahead.

  4. Watched the Final live on youtube. from here is USA. WOW !! awesome quality streaming. Not even a single interruption or buffering issues. Really impressed. We really enjoyed it. Thanks to youtube.

  5. Nilesh Shah

    I was able to watch final on yesterday, here is US. Wasn’t able to watch earlier games though. There was 5 minute delay.. Quality was awesome.. It would have more fun, if Mumbai had won..