Gizmodo-iPhone Debacle Gets More Complicated With Police Intervention


Credit: Gizmodo

The iPhone prototype story that has filled the headlines for the past week or so — and hijacked our “State of Gadget Media” event last week — just won’t quit.

Now, Gizmodo reports that as of Friday night, California police entered the home of Gizmodo Editor Jason Chen and seized four computers and two servers, despite the publication’s lawyer warning that a raid would be not be legal in light of both state and federal laws that prevent law officials from confiscating property of a journalist. But whether police officials feel comfortable examining the evidence is unclear, reports TechCrunch, which said the investigation is on hold while the district attorney evaluates whether the Shield Law protects Chen’s possessions.

To be sure, the case is unusual. Gizmodo paid $5,000 for what may have been a stolen next-generation iPhone. During the panel discussion at our “State of the Gadget Media” event last week, Gizmodo’s publisher and head of Gawker Media Nick Denton said he did not regret a thing, while an editor from CNET said if given the opportunity, he wouldn

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