Election 2010: Will It Be The Sun Or Twitter Wot Won It?

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By Roy Greenslade: Who will decide the outcome of this election? Sun readers or the Twitterati? It’s just one of the questions that make this the most fascinating of contests and a reason why nobody, thus far, is willing to predict the outcome.

This uncertainty has created something of a panic among Conservatives and that significant portion of the press that has come out in their favour. After all, the party looked to be a shoo-in a couple of months ago. Rightwing papers, somewhat sceptical about David Cameron in the past, have become noticeably more supportive as polling day looms, especially since Nick Clegg’s popularity boost.

Suddenly, a hung parliament

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at least it’s clear on which side of the fence you are. Not entirely sure what all this politicking is doing on a content-monetization blog?

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