ThinkPad Edge 14 Video Review




@Jake, you can swap the Fn and Ctrl keys via BIOS.

Would have liked to see HD playback using a site like vimeo and also a test of the speakers.

Decent review with a good look at the laptop itself, but would have liked to see more of a workout using different apps.


Ravi Gupta

Can you please also check if the touch-pad manufacturer is Synaptics or ALPS. Would be a deal breaker for me if it were ALPS.

Ravi Gupta

Can you confirm if this machine heats up in palm rest areas after a couple of hours of usage or during playback of 720p/1080p videos? Also, is the fan noise annoying?


Thanks for the review James.

I’m not sold on these Thinkpad Edge machines. I got a 13.3″ version with the AMD chip because I got tired of waiting for the Viliv S10 and the high price to boot.

After using it for a few weeks I can’t say I’d recommend the Edge computers in general. They feel cheap, run fairly hot, and have a few annoyances like a loud (DOS) sounding beep when you unplug the power cord, so much for indiscretion. Oh, and than oh sooooo annoying Fn key where the Ctrl key should be, who , what, where did they get their research to put it there? EVERY single person that I’ve shown this to thinks that’s a stupid place to put it.


Great review! Why don’t you upload your videos to YouTube anymore?


Is it possible that the small extra port is a mini HMDI out for TV’s?



hi james. thanks for the review :)
i actually gave up on you and ordered it a week ago.
ordered the 7200rpm 4gigs i3 – only comes with glossy on my regiion. i hope it wouldn’t look tacky. anyways, it’s nice to see that you liked it. makes my wait a bit easier.

btw, the yellow usb is for “always on” charge. plus on my model there’s bluetooth


James! Don’t listen to persons like “uncle bernie”. Your reviews are always great! What I would like to know: how thick is the 14″ thinkpad edge compared to the 13″ model? it seems that the 14 inch model is a lot thicker than the 13″.

and btw sorry for my bad english im from Germany :)

Greetz MacBookAndi

Lorenz Szabo

Great review.

Could you please provide video download links? It’s not possible to watch those videos online all the time…

Thank you!

Yours, Lo

Uncle Bernie

This had to be the most useless demo I have ever seen.

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