Earth2Tech Week in Review


25 Who Ditched Infotech for Greentech: In light of our upcoming Green:Net conference — which looks at the intersection of IT and green — we’ve put together a second edition of our roundup of 25 people who ditched infotech and delved into cleantech ventures.

Plug-in Vehicle Maker Fisker Closes $529M DOE Loan: The federal government and Fisker Automotive have just closed a $528.7 million loan agreement meant to help the startup launch its luxury plug-in hybrid, the Fisker Karma, and set up manufacturing in Delaware for a line of lower-cost plug-in hybrids.

A123 Looks to Grow the Lil’ Business That Could: Grid Storage: Lithium ion battery maker A123Systems collected a $5 million loan commitment this week from its home state of Massachusetts, which offers it a little more government-sponsored fertilizer for the seeds A123 has been planting to grow its grid storage business.

How Zipcar Can Scale Car-Sharing Tech on the Cheap: Four years after setting up a car sharing service in London, England, Zipcar announced today that it has acquired the UK’s largest car sharing provider, Streetcar. Now Zipcar faces some questions about how to bridge technology gaps between different models.

The Story Behind Zensi (The Startup Belkin Bought): It’s every entrepreneur’s dream: build a company, raise no venture capital, and sell off the firm in less than two years. That was the path taken by startup Zensi, which makes energy sensing technology, when it was acquired by consumer electronics company Belkin this week.

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