Surprise! iPad Users Watch Even More Video Than We Thought


A lot of our readers were skeptical when some very early — but very impressive — iPad video viewership data was released by MeFeedia. A little less than a week after the Apple (s AAPL) tablet device was released, MeFeedia reported that iPad users watched two and a half times as many videos as typical web users, and watched video three times longer than those users.

Well, it’s now a few weeks into the iPad’s existence, and it turns out that, as early adopters get used to the device and more mainstream users begin buying the tablet, they’re using it for video even more than originally thought. According to new data from MeFeedia, the iPad is now the fifth most popular mobile device for viewing video, surpassing BlackBerry (s rimm) devices. Now the iPad, nearly a million units of which have been sold in less than three weeks, according to some estimates, trails only the iPhone, iPod touch, SymbianOS (s NOK) and Android (s GOOG) devices in terms of videos viewed.

iPad video viewership has grown even more when compared to that of typical web video. iPad users now consume three times as many videos as web users, and watch video on the device four times longer. Video viewership on the iPad has increased even more relative to that of iPhone users, with iPad users consuming five times as many videos as iPhone users, up from three times as many in the earlier study.

As before, it’s worth noting that MeFeedia’s internal stats come from a relatively small sample of iPad owners that use MeFeedia and its video search engine to view video on the device. In addition, those numbers only include a limited number of videos that are HTML5-enabled, since the device doesn’t support Flash. Nor do they include viewership data from dedicated iPad apps from companies like ABC (s DIS) and Netflix (s NFLX).

Even so, the numbers from MeFeedia are impressive, especially as they represent a growing number of mainstream users on the device. And they validate our earlier hypothesis (and Apple’s) — that the iPad will change the way that users consume video.

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Just played with iPad today.

My buy for work. I am a doc and can see medical records from hospitals, however, it is not good for free web video. Classic TV and do not work.

I my wait for rev 2 or OS 4.1 in case flash is allowed.


It was Steve Jobs who said people do not read anymore. Here is what he said about the Kindle:

“It doesn’t matter how good or bad the product is, the fact is that people don’t read anymore,” he said. “Forty percent of the people in the U.S. read one book or less last year. The whole conception is flawed at the top because people don’t read anymore.”

I guess these stats are proving him right about a device that has been sold, at least in part, as an ebook reader.

Toy Needle

Why does this story not seemed more impressed with the astounding fact that these numbers are from a device which didn’t even exist just about a month ago?

Chris K

Let’s face facts. It wasn’t too difficult for the iPad to get 5th place here.

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