Searching for the Location Gold Mine

Investments into the next generation of location and augmented reality applications these days are as big as the buzz surrounding them. But while we’re seeing amazing apps and demonstrations, we’re still not seeing compelling revenue models.

On Wednesday, April 28, a select group of about 75 entrepreneurs, investors and technologists will gather at the GigaOM offices for our 11th GigaOM Bunker Session to debate how we will monetize location and AR services. In this session, we will explore what revenue models will work in the near term, and what timelines we might see for the realization of further revenue. The conversation will be moderated by GigaOM Pro Analyst Phil Hendrix.

A few speakers will lead the debate at the forum, but the overall emphasis will be on participation and comment by all those invited. Our conversation leaders will include:

  • Matt Galligan, SimpleGeo
  • Tom Coates, Yahoo
  • Marc Davis, Invention Arts
  • Rahul Sonnad, GeoDelic
  • Michael Liebhold, Institute for the Future
  • Ted Morgan, Skyhook

The event is open to invitees only and will be live streamed at our subscription research site, GigaOM Pro. To submit questions or discussion topics, watch video or the event, and access post-event analysis from GigaOM Pro contributors, subscribe now. For a limited time, we are also offering a 20 percent discount on a one-year subscription. Enter the code “BUNKER0428” at checkout.

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Image courtesy of Flickr user nerdcoregirl