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Facebook Sees Major Outage — Takes Out Partner Site Plugins, Too

Facebook has been inaccessible to many, if not all, users for the last 30 minutes or so. This is incredibly bad timing for the company, which is trying to pitch itself this week as a central part of the web’s infrastructure. Not only is the site down, but error messages are popping up on partner sites using the new social plugins launched this week.

Not to get all I-told-you-so, but after hearing the presentations at Facebook’s f8 this week, the burning question on my mind was: Has Facebook made itself a central point of failure for the web? It appears that the answer is yes.

Meanwhile, jokes are running rampant on Twitter about how long till people tweeting about Facebook take down Twitter. is reporting a service disruption of 28 minutes and counting, though just before we hit publish, we were able to load again. We’ve reached out to Facebook about the outage, which says it’s looking into it.

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The Facebook-powered social plugin on CNN's homepage draws a blank (bottom right).

27 Responses to “Facebook Sees Major Outage — Takes Out Partner Site Plugins, Too”

  1. When Facebook or farmville goes out ,,my computer completely shuts OFF!!! It happens a lot . Also my cordless mouse freezes if I am on facebook when it goes down! Frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because their is NO notification from face book in my email or some other message from them it’s hard tom tell if it is a computer glitch or the fault of facebook.

  2. Ah facebook was down wow I hardly noticed lol my email still works I can still make a phone call guess life isn’t to bad lol. Just goes to show don’t put all your communication eggs in one basket. Facebook goes down for 2.5 hrs in 4 yrs that’s pretty good uptime to me lol. Most of you guys don’t have any idea the amount of work and network infrastructure that goes into a site like facebook let me tell you to fix something it is not as easy as ordering a pizza.

  3. mediasorcerer

    good, do yourself a favour and get rid of faecesbook once and for all, its a joke that isnt funny, smile your on candid [im spying on you and your friends ]camera, whats the matter,got no life???

  4. On my point of view the problem resembles in some parts the one happened to Google some time ago.

    The problem is not the outage (as anyone working in IT knows, an outage is everytime behind the corner).

    The problem is what the outage implies: Facebook (was) not a vital part of the Internet. Because it deals with entertainment not with life. But with technologies spreading “cross” through sites (i.e. the technology for “Like” leased and powered by facebook), it has an impact wider than a single site.

    As I said may times, Internet is really important in our lives, but, IMHO, cannot be the main part of our daily dues.

    Sounds old fashioned, but sometimes having a client application syncronized with the web is a great way of working.

  5. They play about with things on the live environment, which is not good, many problems with there entire site, maybe they now decided to play with the network to. Facebook’s older version wasn’t broken, so don’t fix it. What did they do, make it worse. lol

  6. PLEASE, can you FIX whatever PROBLEM there is……………..
    All day long I had problem getting gifts from my home, grab anything from my friend’s facebook page and most of all CAN’T access Cafe World game!
    It is FRUSTRATING and I never had this problem before
    I am tire of trying and getting nowhere. DO SOMETHING!!!!!

  7. Can’t grab any gifts, dishes nor anything showing on my friends facebook page; neither any gifts directly sent to me from my home box.
    If it isn’t one thing is another. What the heck is coing on?
    FIX IT……

  8. I haven’t been able to access this site for the past hour….
    What is going on? I have other friends that are on without any problem.
    What happens to the food that is done cooking? Once it reaches the 6 hr (time it took to cook) Will I loose it?
    Never before until yesterday and today this happened…..
    Stop messing around with Facebook and their sites
    Fix whatever problem there is once and for all! So we can do what we have to do…………………….

  9. Joe Cable

    Facebook has been intermittint since Early Friday EDT
    but for the most part it’s down – I was able to get in several times yesterday, but every time I tried hitting any of the major gaming apps it would time out.

    Oddly enough checking on of their main gaming apps I see a memory leak issue in the code… wonder if someone exploited it

  10. wow this site is almost real-time? Within the 3 minutes I realized Facebook crashed it was coming across here already AND showing this site on all major SEACH ENGINES!!! GREAT JOB GIGAOM !!!

  11. Something went wrong. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can. You may be able to try again.
    Connection Interrupted

    The document contains no data
    ursaltydog: and when I do get to my home page.. it doesn’t go to my profile page at all.. it will give me a notification of messages that I SENT to someone..

    • Really? I see it go down, be super slow, and very buggy a lot of the time. If other partner sites are going to be dependent on them for content, they are going to have to be more reliable. Facebook’s been giving me a bad Microsoft like taste in my mouth lately.