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NowPublic Lays Off Staff, Citing Acquisition; Vows To Rebuild

Citizen-J site NowPublic has laid off several members of its dozen-person staff, paidContent has been told, confirming portions of an earlier post by In an e-mail message to paidContent, NowPublic’s founder Leonard Brody said that, contrary to the earlier report that the site was headed for its demise, NowPublic is “absolutely not closed.” Brody added that “we are moving forward and continuing to build.” He did not provide the number of layoffs, but did say that some staffers were dismissed due to duplications related to the estimated $25 million acquisition of NowPublic by local news network, which we first reported back in September. The company is controlled by Philip Anschutz

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  1. George

    It’s also interesting that no one – as far as I know – has reported on the layoffs this year at Half the channel management staff (and the CTO) were laid off in February, and some of the support staff was cut in mid June. In April, according to reports on LinkedIn’s Examiner page, several Examiners had their monthly payments delayed.