Want to Rent a Movie on YouTube? Come Shop At the Store

YouTube (s GOOG) has continued to quietly expand its rental service since February by adding more titles and by creating the YouTube Store, which aggregates all titles available for rent onto one page.

According to a YouTube spokesperson via email, “When we announced YouTube Rentals in January we said we would be creating a destination after more partners joined the program. To date, we have nearly 500 partners that have joined our Rental program.” The design is pretty bare-bones, with fewer sorting and search options than other pages on the site. Payments are processed through Google Checkout, which means that if you already have a credit card connected to that service and your YouTube and Google accounts are linked, your card number will appear immediately.

That doesn’t necessarily mean people will shop, though: As Ryan reported in January, the first week of the YouTube rental program brought in less than $6,000. We’d follow up on how these rentals have performed since — but in what may be a first for YouTube, the viewcounts for rental videos are no longer appear to be publicly available, as seen here.

Scattered among the Bollywood and indie selections are more mainstream films like Lord of War (starring Nicholas Cage) and additional children’s programming. But as Read Write Web points out, the independent films with which the rental program first launched still dominate the charts.

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