Goes Live on the PS3


Major League Baseball’s is already one of the most successful online video services, and now it will be available to even more fans’ TV sets, through a deal with Sony (s SNE) that will enable PlayStation 3 owners to stream live baseball games over the game console. With an update to the PS3 that goes live today, the league’s subscription service, which is available for $20 a month or $100 for the full season of games, will be available for streaming in up to 720p resolution.

The deal marks the first time that live video will be available on the PS3, as it adds more content to establish itself as a media center and not just a gaming console. In addition to MLB video, the PS3 also recently added Netflix’s Watch Instantly streaming service, and it has its own video-on-demand rental service available on the console.

MLB has been one of the more aggressive video providers in expanding its streaming service to new distribution platforms. The league already has apps that stream video available on Apple’s (s AAPL) iPhone and iPad, and the service is also available through Boxee’s media center software and its upcoming Boxee Box. will soon be available through the Roku player once again, after some technical kinks are worked out. But the Sony deal will give MLB a very large presence in customer living rooms, as the CE manufacturer has sold more than 30 million units since the console was first launched back in 2006.

Sony wasn’t the only gaming company that was hoping to add MLB video to its system. According to CNET, MLB was rumored to be in talks with Microsoft (s MSFT) as well. However, it will be at least July before Microsoft is able to add baseball content to the Xbox 360. As part of its deal with MLB, Sony has exclusive console rights on the franchise until the MLB All-Star Game.

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