Hulu for $10 a Month: What You Think

So looking at reactions to this morning’s story about whether consumers might pay Hulu $10 for a subscription plan, the range of reaction from you, humble readers, has been largely negative.

On Twitter, when queried as to whether they would pay $10 a month for Hulu, there was a steady pulse of “no”s, and the stats on our poll continue to indicate that the overwhelming majority of users would not pay anything for Hulu.

However, the numbers have changed since our initial posting: While this morning 65 percent voted to say that they wouldn’t pay anything, as of 4 p.m. PT this afternoon the percentage was 61 percent. In addition, the people who would pay $6-$10 a month — theoretically, the people willing to become Hulu’s new customers — jumped from 9 percent to 13 percent.

From the comments on the post this morning, Greg said:

Why subscription? That’s my biggest gripe with cable/sat is that I am stuck paying whether I watch or not. I’d rather use AppleTV and pay per episode.

If Hulu did that, I’d gladly pay for every show I watch.. even the ones I get for free now. But I’d never buy a subscription, because sometimes months go by that I don’t watch anything.

And Aaron remarked that:

How do you know when a company has failed to effectively monetize their traffic with advertising? They try to charge for subscriptions…

There are two big issues that have risen out of the discussion: First, the portability of a potential subscription service — specifically, would Hulu Pro (for want of a better term) be available on the iPad or other platforms? Seth McGuinness said via Twitter “I’d pay $17.99 for a Hulu/Netflix package that I could watch anywhere; iPhone, iPad, PS3, etc, etc.”

The other issue was geoblocking, as stated best by Greg O’Brien on Twitter, who said that Canadians wouldn’t pay because “we want a free trial first…”

As plans for the subscription model take shape, we’ll try and be on top of them — and we continue to welcome your thoughts on the subject as well.

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