Grouping Your Tabs? Try Firefox Add-on Categorize


If you’re trying to organize your browsing using the tab grouping method outlined by Jeremy Bennett in a guest post earlier this week, you should install Firefox add-on Categorize.  It’s a heavyweight bookmark organization tool, and includes “tab sets,” which enable you set up groups of tabs and switch quickly between them.

Here’s a screenshot showing two tab sets along the bottom of my browser window, one with personal communications tools (Gmail, Facebook) and a second with my “working” tabs set up.

Categorize has a bunch of other useful organization features, too — you can organize your bookmarks by  category (for example, Technology or Places) or by Group (groups of bookmarks around a particular subject, like Productivity or Email, for example), which should make it easier to find and access your bookmarks. Here you can see the default bookmark categories:

While the add-on massively improves upon the bookmark organization tools available in Firefox, it’s quite a complex tool and as such, may take a little getting used to. Personally, I don’t really need the organization that it provides, so probably won’t continue using it, but for those of you with hundreds (or even thousands!) of bookmarks, or those of you trying the tab grouping method suggested in Jeremy’s post, it’s recommended.

Are you trying the tab grouping method? How’s it working for you?

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Usman Latif

I am the author of Categorize and it is nice to see Categorize mentioned here.

Categorize certainly offers extensive bookmark organization features but the features don’t have to be used if you don’t need them. Moreover, the organization features are not really heavyweight: they are just different from what people are used to.

Leslie A. Joy

The session manager for Chrome extension has worked wonders for me, and I’m one of those 9 windows-25 tabs per window type people.

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