YouTube’s Rental Store Now At ‘Hundreds’ Of Videos And Counting

YouTube store

YouTube’s video rental store — which started out with five Sundance Film Festival titles in January — now has “hundreds” of movies, TV shows and documentaries in its catalog, most of which are available to watch for between 99 cents and $3.99. ReadWriteWeb noted the under-the-radar expansion today, and YouTube tells us that so far the store has lined up more than 500 partners to contribute content, although not all of their videos have been uploaded (“Our community can expect more rental content to appear in the store in the weeks and months to come,” a spokesman says).

No major titles are available to rent, with the “popular movies” list heavy with indy and Bollywood films and the “popular shows” list heavy with anime. Also, judging from the relatively small amount of cash Google (NSDQ: GOOG) grossed from those Sundance titles, this is unlikely a big money maker for now — but it’s definitely a start and lays the groundwork for those rental deals with the big studios which Google was said to be negotiating last fall.


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